Monday, August 2, 2010

Stop Bitching About the NON-Mosque at NON-Ground Zero (that isn't starting on 9/11)

First off, let me be very clear: I am opposed to all political correctness, and I think multiculturalism is bullshit.  I have no patience for obvious extremists.  Caving in to them on behalf of "tolerance" just shows cowardice.

That being said, the Right's opposition to the so-called "Mosque at Ground Zero" defies all logic!  First off, it is not a mosque; as has been said time and again, it is a Muslim community center.  A mosque will only be part of it.  Secondly, it is not going to be at Ground Zero!  In fact, it will be two blocks away, a fairly good distance I would think.  And finally, there is no evidence that it is going to be opened on or that construction will be started on September 11th of this year!

With these three rumors demolished, what else does the Right have to stand on?  Well, for starters, some of them still think the "mosque" is "too close to the 9/11 site."  Too close?  How far should it be, then? 4 blocks? 10??  And who are you to decide that a mosque is somehow "too close"??  Oh, you lost friends and family on 9/11?  Well, boohoo.  So WHAT? Look, I'm not saying it was good that they died, but come on!  How long do you need to grieve??  9 years seems a little ridiculous don't you think? You're lucky no one has diagnosed you as mentally ill.  9/11 is not an argument! It's just an event!  Do you know how moronic you sound when you keep using it?  Can't we just move on and quit acting like 9/11 happened yesterday?

And some of them question the $100 Million that was raised to fund it.  While that may seem like a perfect reason to be suspicious, unless someone proves that terrorists and/or Muslim extremists actually funded this "mosque", that's a non-issue!  If that's the best you've got as an argument, you're hopeless.  If it's proven someday that terrorists gave the Cordoba Initiative $100 Million, then I'll reconsider my position, if only for a second.

Some of the opposition to this, just like with the proposed mosque in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, just seems like classic anti-Muslim and anti-Arab hysteria from so many conservatives these days.  They claim that opening a mosque on Ground Zero is somehow "offensive" or "unnecessary provocation" (to quote the 'great' Sarah Palin), but that's only if all Muslims are terrorists! Obviously, that's not true.  The vast majority of Muslims, especially here in the U.S., are good, hard-working, decent folk.  Why are you maligning them by acting like building a mosque near Ground Zero is somehow "letting the terrorists win"??  You know, there are Muslims who hate Osama bin Laden as much as you.

Last but not least, there is the issue of the guy who runs the Cordoba Initiative, Abdful Faisal Rauf.  Several on the Right have tried to demonize this guy for a few statements he made by taking them out of context.  When you see the actual context, he's not such a bad guy after all!  Besides, even if he did advocate America becoming "more sharia-compliant", when you read the actual articles in which he advocates this, you realize he also condemns the extreme parts of sharia, like oppressing women and gays.  He merely advocates that America eat less pork and drink less alcohol, among other more innocuous, puritanical behaviors.  I don't agree with them, but he seems like an alright guy.

Is it really that hard to find out the truth?

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